remove child domain no longer exists

ntdsutil: metadata cleanup
metadata cleanup:
metadata cleanup: connections
server connections:
server connections: connect to server serv1.domain01.com
Binding to serv1...
Connected to serv1 using credentials of locally logged on user
server connections:
server connections: quit
metadata cleanup:
metadata cleanup: select operation target
select operation target:
select operation target: list domains
Found 2 domain(s)
0 - DC=domain01,DC=com
1 - DC=child01,DC=domain01,DC=com
select operation target:
select operation target: select domain 1
No current site
Domain - DC=child01,DC=domain01,DC=com
No current server
No current Naming Context
select operation target:
select operation target: quit
metadata cleanup:
metadata cleanup: remove selected domain


Example lvm in LINUX

==This document is short note for lvm in LINUX==
[root@rhel64 /]#fdisk -l
[root@rhel64 /]#fdisk /dev/sdb1
[root@rhel64 /]#fdisk /dev/sdc1
[root@rhel64 /]#vgcreate vg1 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1
[root@rhel64 /]#vgdisplay vg1
[root@rhel64 /]#lvcreate -L 14.98G -n testlv1 vg1
[root@rhel64 /]#mkfs.ext4 /dev/vg1/testlv1
[root@rhel64 /]#mount /dev/vg1/testlv1  /testlv1

=====  online extend =====
[root@rhel64 /]#echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host3/scan
[root@rhel64 /]#fdisk /dev/sdd1
[root@rhel64 /]#vgextend vg1 /dev/sdd1
[root@rhel64 /]#lvextend -L 19G /dev/vg1/testlv1 
[root@rhel64 /]#lvextend -L +5G /dev/vg1/testlv1

[root@rhel64 /]#resize2fs /dev/vg1/testlv1


How check any clients are connected to NFS server

- Can use  command netstat |grep nfsd


copy dns file from unix to windows2008

copy file  xxx.xxx.zone  from unix   and past to  c:\windows\system32\dns
rename .zone to .dns
  xxx.xxx.zone to xxx.xxx.dns

then  restart  service on window2008


sun cluster clear stop failed on resource

- if The name of the resource and resource group that are in STOP_FAILED state
     Clear the STOP_FAILED error flag on the resources. 
# clresource clear -f STOP_FAILED -n nodelist resource
Specifies the flag name.
-n nodelist
Specifies a comma-separated list of the names of the nodes where the resource is in the STOP_FAILED state. The list may contain one node name or more than one node name.

Specifies the name of the resource.


set new dumpdevice

After install  Solaris  and set  mirror on disk you must set new dumpdevice for dump file

root@xxhost # dumpadm -d swap 
      Dump content: kernel pages
       Dump device: /dev/md/dsk/d1 (swap)
Savecore directory: /var/crash
  Savecore enabled: yes
   Save compressed: on